Monday, November 12, 2007


Release Date:2004
Label:Secret Eye Records, Lal Lal Lal
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Snoopysnoop Snooberson (1:34)
Donkkaavaräppäävä Kaalikoira (4:09)
Iso Lääkelaiva (3:45)
Itu Kurkistaa Mullasta (0:48)
Herra Ykkönen (5:56)
Amurin Hiuskolmio (1:30)
Ahdistava Haisemisen Loordi (3:23)
Prinssi Halonen (4:31)
Välivääpelin Välikäpy (1:38)
Joutsenkivi Not'sissa (5:31)

Psychedelia improvised noise-folk from Finland. Avarus was formed in Tampere, Finland in 2001 by members of bands The Anaksimandros and Pylon. The group has gotten larger and looser (including folks from Kiila, Munuaissymposium 1960 and Kemialliset Ystävät), but the spirit is still the same. There are about 10 core members in Avarus in three different cities, and the number of occasional members is 10-20. But it's not at all important to know who's playing and when. It's about a collective sound, a play or a game.Avarus's sound is primitive, child-like, joyous and free.

"Using a muse found deep in the woods this collective base their sound on fumbling lurches of folk-rock drug groove, interspersed with weevilly keyboard stuff and quite extraordinary, persistent yowling." - The Wire

From the circle of psychos who bring you Kemialliset Ystävät and the Anaksimandros comes this release by the one and only Avarus. These Finns play a freaked out blend of noise, folk and, could it be... free jazz!???!??!!??! Packed with aural mayhem and musical non-sequiturs, this music will make you dance like Dr. Huxtable, no joke. Although they have released many tapes, 7", and CD-r's all over the world, this is Avarus' FIRST CD!

"Jättiläisrotta (Secret Eye) cycles between rumbling free jazz, airy tribalism, and spaced-out Day of Niagara sessions. They manage also to slip the lovely underwater, near-folk strum-a-long "Ahoistava Haisemisen Loordi" into the mix. "Prinssihalonen" kicks up a chiming psychedelic vortex as powerful as anything Avarus has done to date. The strings are skyrockets and the boom-crash chugga-chugga drums are a treat. Throughout, think Sunburned Hand of the Man, perhaps the collective's best, kindred analogue." - Brandon Stosuy for

"Avarus have reached new heights on "Jättiläisrotta." This is fun music. It's about sitting down with friends with a few drinks and having a good time. Now if only every such encounter would produce such fantastic aural results. Avarus are definitely one-of-a-kind." - Brad Rose for Foxy Digitalis

"The wide-eyed forest dwellers of Avarus come from the pool of Finnish musicians that spawned the magnificent Kemialliset Ystävät. They play a brand of music on the outer extremes of the free-folk movement. A spirit of drugged-out frenzy drives this relentlessly changing music, resulting in songs that evolve like a species: not on an obvious linear path, but in fits and starts-obeying a strange logic inaccessible to the players themselves. Avarus conjures a gorgeous and frightening musical object, and they capture the feeling of mystery of music on acid." - Bryan Berge in Stylus Magazine reviewing Avarus' Jättiläisrotta (Secret Eye)


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