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[Club 8|The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming]愛幻想的男孩

Artist:Club 8
Album:The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming
Release Date:2007-10-02
Country: Sweden
Genre:Rock, Pop
Style: Indie,Folk

1. Jesus, Walk with Me
2. Whatever You Want
3. Football Kids
4. Hopes and Dreams
5. Everything Goes
6. Heaven
7. When I Come Around
8. Leave the North
9. In the Morning
10. Sometimes
11. Where Birds Don't Fly
12. Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming

Club 8 is a Swedish musical group consisting of Karolina Komstedt (from the band Poprace) and Johan Angergård (Acid House Kings, Poprace). Formed in 1995, they were immediately signed to the Spanish record label Siesta. They released a single called "Me too" and an album called Nouvelle on Siesta before deciding to move on to other labels. The sound at this point could almost be categorised as anorak pop with influences from Sarah bands, Jim Ruiz and The Smiths.

In 1998/1999, their 2nd album The Friend I Once Had and the single "Missing You" was released. Missing You become a club and indie-radio hit in Spain and somewhat of a college radio fave in the US. The band started playing live. Their first gig was in New York at a March Records CMJ event in 1999. Their sound had by now developed into a more bossa nova and dance oriented one.

Striving for constant change and improvements the band once again changed musical direction on their 3rd and self titled album in 2001. "Club 8" is a beautifully laidback album. Almost a chill out album, though it was more compared to Portishead and Air and called a triphop album at its release.

In the autumn of 2001, the band locked themselves in the famous Summersound Studios; writing songs and experimenting with different sounds. Dub, C-86, triphop, chill out, 80's and bossa nova are all mixed up here, but without ever losing focus on those wonderfully Scandinavian and melancholic pop melodies. The album was named Spring Came, Rain Fell and was released in the year of 2002.

In 2002, Club 8 started working on a follow up for Spring Came, Rain Fell. The result, Strangely Beautiful peaked at no. 18 on the CMJ charts in the US.

For the first time since 1999 the band released a single and the video from the album. Backed by 5 exclusive tracks, the song Saturday Night Engine was released as a single in the spring of 2003. The video made no. 16 on the Up North chart on MTV Nordic.

In 2007, the duo have re-united to record a new album - The boy who couldn't stop dreaming.

Club 8的專輯好多,記得有8、9張吧,聼他們的音樂是在兩年前了,那時我還在上大學。所以有一些懷念,改天有時閒把以前的也找出來聼聼,徹底的懷念一把。這張專輯是他們最新的,十月份才發行。依然很清新,很柔和,也很歡快。喜歡Karolina的聲音,很乾淨很柔美的聲音。Johan的旋律也相當得婉轉動人。開篇那首Jesus, Walk with Me初聼真的讓我感覺到充滿寧靜的驚艷。可能是最近情緒煩躁的緣故吧,我更喜歡專輯中安靜的那部分東西,歡快的那部分旋律也不錯,但對我來説有點煩,而且我覺得在cover的設計上能夠更好一些。個人見解。

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