Thursday, November 29, 2007

[Kiila|Silmät Sulkaset]不知不覺中的流淌

Album:Silmät Sulkaset
Release Date:2004-04-15
Label:Fonal Records
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Modern Classical


Kelmejä (5:03)
Auringonlunta (4:18)
Kiviä Ja Taivasta (3:39)
Kateet Linnut (5:36)
Tapanina Aukesi Vuori (5:03)
Minä-laulu (2:22)
Väsäilyn Luostari (5:26)
Pysähtyneet Planeetat (5:09)

By now you must be pretty bored with us banging on about the Fonal back catalogue! This week it’s a release from Finnish band Kiila that’s hitting the spot; ‘Silmät Sulkaset’ is a glowing triumph, even for Fonal’s bubbling catalogue of delights. Taking little floating shards of post rock (not too much mind, wouldn’t want to lose the jaunty originality), drinking from the waters of folk and grazing in the green pastures of pop we end up with an album that’s easy to listen to but damned hard to define. Residing somewhere inbetween Sigur Ros, Joanna Newsom, The Doors and The Animal Collective (wherever it is that leaves us) this is an album filled with mystery. With an unrivalled scope, production values that unlike most of this corner of the music scene are anything but lo-fi and an unrivalled sense of energy, Kiila are a hugely essential piece of the Fonal jigsaw puzzle. If you have been kicked out of apathy by any of the other lovely Fonal releases which have appeared out of the musical ether recently then you should really give Kiila’s strange visions a musical home...

Kiila is a semi-acoustic psychedelic folk-pop which was originally formed around 1997 by two friends, Niko-Matti and Sami. In the course of three years, five friends of the group joined the band. Juho Kaitajärvi, Markus Mäki, Laura Naukkarinen (aka Lau Nau), Juri Puhakka and Sami Rouhento all brought many influences with them. "The language of the songs has reverted back to Finnish, and the human voices rest on a warm texture of sounds from an array of acoustic and electronic instruments. Carefully arranged songs alternate with those improvised on the spot, all bearing the mark of a handcrafted article." (Sami - album notes)

又是來自Fonal,又是一張很棒的芬蘭民謠,而且Kiila裏有Lau Nau。真是好啊。很好聽,帶著神秘與迷幻。整張專輯在不知不覺中就聼完了,于是一遍又一遍不厭其煩地聼著。。。

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