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[Painting Petals on Planet Ghost|Painting Petals on Planet Ghost]亞平寧半島上的玉姬物語

Artist:Painting Petals on Planet Ghost
Album:Painting Petals on Planet Ghost
Release Date:2007
Label:Time-Lag Records
Genre: Electronic
Style: Folk,Acoustic,Experimental,Ambient


A1 Sakura No Hana No Oto Ga Kikoeru (3:47)
A2 Haru No Hi Ni (6:32)
A3 Harusame No Juru Wa Namida Ka (5:00)
B1 Haru Wa Akebono (7:37)
B2 Sakurabana (11:03)

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost is a new project featuring space feline brothers, Maurizio & Roberto Opalio, and their longtime partner-in-crime, Ramona Ponzini. Ponzini also appeared on a duo album with Roberto last year, Praxinoscope. With that in mind, don't expect this to sound like My Cat is an Alien with an extra collaborator. No, Painting Petals on Planet Ghost traverses new ground, staying away from the extended splendid cosmic explorations that MCIAA have become known for.

Make no mistake about it, Ponzini is the shining star here. Her tentative, beautiful voice is like a beacon leading the brothers, like moths to a lamp, toward their destiny. Unless you're fluent in Japanese, you're not likely to have any idea what Ponzini is singing. As she recites various Japanese poems, the Opalio brothers paint an aural backdrop of loneliness and desolation. These songs are like the last will and testament of someone stranded in the middle of nowhere. This is their message in a bottle.

Most haunting is "Haru No Hi Ni." The Opalio's solemn acoustic guitar plucks reek of desperation. Hearing it over and over again, I feel like someone is ripping my heart from my chest. Ponzini's voice floats above the surface, doing its best to stay on top of the wreckage. Each note is like a tiny dagger filled with the worst kind of poison. Simplicity is the best weapon here, and the trio absolutely nails it. This is one of the year's best songs, hands down.

Elsewhere on this record, the backing instrumentation is even more minimal, but still works. The opener, "Sakura No Hana No Oto Ga Kikoeru," features little more than the gentle clanging of chromatic percussion underneath Ponzini's incantations. And at the beginning of the closing piece, "Sakurabana," the trio returns to this format. As it moves forward, the brothers add melancholy drones with (what I think is) an antique accordian. The dichotomy of this and the percussion at the beginning only adds to the longing in the piece. It settles itself right into your bones.

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost shows the Opalio brothers in top form. The addition of Ramona Ponzini adds an entirely new dimension to their sonic attack. The subtleties of this record are what make it so great. Well, that and the fact that Ponzini's vocals are completely mesmerizing. Add to that the typically beautiful Time-Lag packaging, and you've got something essential on your hands. I can only hope that this project will be back with more sometime down the road. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost debut is absolute magic. -- Brad Rose

Debut recording from Italy's Opalio brothers (My Cat Is An Alien) and Ramona Ponzini. An esoteric and mesmerizing trip through space, minimalism and emotion. Each track recorded at a different mystical location in the western Alps, and centered around Ramona's beautiful vocals, all of which are sung in traditional Japanese. Maurizio & Roberto add sparse accompaniment by means of toy piano, alien keyboard tones, antique accordion, percussion, tape effects, and some particularly evocative acoustic guitar.

這張專輯太地下了吧。我連找cover都費了好大勁,資料discogs上也沒有,Time-Lag Records的網站做得也很不怎麽樣。四處搜索才找到這麽一點。呵呵,世界性越來越強,意大利人都會做日式的音樂了,而且很有那麽幾份樣子。安靜,用西洋樂器營造的安靜。抑揚頓挫,我認爲的日本音樂的精神。我不確定Ramona Ponzini是否是日本人,但是唱得還是很有味道的。

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