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[Rachel Goswell|Waves Are Universal]花叢深處

Artist:Rachel Goswell
Album:Waves Are Universal
Release Date:2004
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Acoustic, Indie Rock


Warm Summer Sun (3:45)

Accordion - Rachel Goswell
Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [12 String] - Joe Light
Bagpipes [Uilleann] - Jerome Farrell
Bass [Fuzz], Bass [Dumb], Shaker, Guitar [12 String] - David Naughton*
Drums - Ashley Bates
Piano - Bill Drake*
Gather Me Up (2:24)

Acoustic Guitar - Rachel Goswell
Cymbal [Ding] - Ashley Bates
Organ [Harmonium] - Bill Drake*
Whistle [Low D] - Jerome Farrell
No Substitute (4:36)

Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Electric], Guitar [12 String] - Joe Light
Bass, Shaker, Tambourine, Handclaps - David Naughton*
Drums - Ashley Bates
Handclaps - Rachel Goswell
Piano - Bill Drake*
Deelay (4:13)

Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Ebo], Guitar [Rhythm], Guitar [Swell] - Joe Light
Bass, Accordion, Shaker, Tambourine, Guitar - David Naughton*
Plucked (3:08)

Acoustic Guitar - Joe Light
Arranged By [Strings], Electric Piano [Caved Wurlitzer] - David Naughton*
Cello - Jeremy Perl
Violin - Bronwyn Stride
Hope (3:52)

Acoustic Guitar - Joe Light
Bass, Percussion - David Naughton*
Bells [Bangles] - Lynne Jackaman
Organ [Harmonium] - Bill Drake*
Coastline (5:43)

Bass, Bongos, Guitar [12 String] - David Naughton*
Drums, Tambourine, Other [Lion's Roar] - Ashley Bates
Guitar [Lead], Guitar [Rhythm] - Rachel Goswell
Guitar [Slide], Effects [Guitar] - Joe Light
Shoulder The Blame (3:06)

Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Lead], Guitar [Arch Top Slide] - Joe Light
Bells [Letterbox], Percussion [Pot] - David Naughton*
Flute - Melanie Shallenberg
Save Yourself (3:59)

Acoustic Guitar [Strum] - Rachel Goswell
Acoustic Guitar, Guitar - Joe Light
Drums - Ashley Bates
Organ [Harmonium] - David Naughton*
Piano - Bill Drake*
Thru The Dawn (3:09)

Acoustic Guitar - Rachel Goswell
Shaker, Vibraphone - Dave Naughton
Beautiful Feeling (3:27)

Acoustic Guitar, Accordion - Rachel Goswell
Cello - Jeremy Perl
Viola - Reiad Chivah*
Violin - Michael Perl , Richard Lane
Sleepless & Tooting (3:01)

Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Shaker, Bongos - Joe Light
Drums [Snare] - Rachel Goswell
Guitar [Mini Spanish], Rainstick, Tambourine [Ethnic], Cymbal [Ride] - David Naughton*
Organ [Hammond] - Bill Drake*

Fans of Slowdive and Mojave 3 have been pining for a Rachel Goswell album for years. Although 4AD billed Waves Are Universal as sounding like something you wouldn't expect from her, it actually sounds almost exactly like you thought it would, provided you've heard a Mojave 3 song at some point during the previous eight years. The British folk elements that have been slowly coming to the fore in the Mojave 3 records are more of a factor here. Otherwise, it's a fusion of British folk and alt-country -- which, to be more forward, means it could pass for a Mojave 3 record made while primary songwriter Neil Halstead was too busy hanging ten. This, for the most part, is a good thing, but the record is rather safe, lacking an adventurousness that is only touched upon and possibly kept under wraps for the sake of not seeming like too much of a departure. Field recordings that are incorporated into the songs are very discreet, and a couple other tunes wouldn't be out of place in commercials plugging some mature teenage drama on the WB. Regardless, Waves Are Universal proves that Goswell can carry a whole record on her own without any trouble. A second solo album -- with more risks taken -- is a necessary thing.(from AMG)

4AD真是個獨立女聲基地,擁有一大批聲音好聽的美女。Rachel Goswell係slowdive和mojave 3的成員,長得優雅漂亮,聲音柔美,所以我覺得她更適合唱一些輕柔、緩慢,像Gather Me Up、Beautiful Feeling、Thru The Dawn這類的歌曲。加上純淨的吉他演奏,這是一道陽光普照下亮麗美好的風景綫。好似行走花叢中,心情愉悅又平和的感覺。還有Warm Summer Sun、Plucked也是不錯的歌曲。另外,封面真的好漂亮,4AD的片片就是有品質。

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