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[Smog|Wild Love]時代聲音,義氣方遒

Album:Wild Love
Release Date:1995
Label:Drag City
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Lo-Fi, Indie Rock


Wild Love
Sweet Smog Children
Bathroom Floor
The Emperor
Limited Capacity
It's Rough
Sleepy Joe

Guitar - Cynthia Dall
The Candle

Piano [Chamberlin] - Ian O'Hey
Be Hit

Drums - Jason Dezember
Prince Alone In The Studio

Guitar - Cynthia Dall
Piano [Chamberlin] - Ian O'Hey
Vocals - Cynthia Dall
Goldfish Bowl

Building on Julius Caesar's artful songcraft, Wild Love expands Bill Callahan's lyrical and musical horizons, balancing roughness and polish in just the right amounts. Recorded in a proper studio with Drag City's favorite producer, Rian Murphy, the album benefits from a wider musical palette; instead of Julius Caesar's lo-fi patchwork, the sound is focused into a hypnotic blend of chamber music and indie rock. Keyboards, chamberlin, and cello add a theatrical flair to Wild Love's dark, witty portraits of domestic frustration, especially the opening and closing songs, "Bathysphere" and "Goldfish Bowl." The arrangements are key; sometimes they reflect the moody, detailed lyrics. On the frail, flickering ballad "The Candle," Callahan sings, "I'm gathering these splinters to make a raft someday," accompanied by delicate, feeble guitars and keyboards, while "Be Hit"'s awkward drumming and out-of-tune strumming mirror its ugly words: "Every girl I've ever loved has wanted to be hit/And every girl I've ever loved has left me because I wouldn't do it." At other times, the dense orchestrations are ironic; "Sleepy Joe" and "Prince Alone in the Studio" are emotionally detached. As usual, the lyrics are sad, funny, and often cut to the quick. Couplets like "The Candle"'s "I was on her body/He was on her mind/I caressed her/He possessed her" provoke a reaction somewhere between a wince and a grin. On a purely musical level, the album is of Smog's most remarkable achievements, combining studio effects and low-budget innovation. The snare drums and chamberlins on "The Emperor" sound like fireworks over a parade, while the chiming guitars on "It's Rough" add a touch of empathy. A finely wrought, riveting album.(from AMG)

Bill Callahan, born in Silver Spring, Maryland. Callahan pioneered the lo-fi genre of underground rock, with homemade tape-albums recorded on four track tape recorders. Later he signed a record contract with the label drag city.

Callahan started out as a highly experimental artist, utilizing sub-standard instruments and recording equipment. His reason for using the lo-fi approach was not so much an aesthetic choice, rather it came from his lack of knowledge of recording studios, and fear of giving up control to professional engineers.

His later work saw him overcoming his fear of studios and producers, and in this period he recorded two albums with the influential producer Jim O'Rourke and musicians from the circles around drag city, as well as collaborating with the similar-minded Neil Hagerty.

His songs are based on simple, repetitive structures, strikingly characterized by his baritone vocal. His lyrics are often centered around themes of spiritual searching and the complexity of emotions, with the use of subtlety and dark irony in the classic sense. There is also a broad swathe of joy throughout Callahan's work (and a singular obsession with horses that he shares with Will Oldham). He is a keen storyteller using simple words to project large and deeply echoing tales.

Callahan's love life has been documented with vigor in numerous hipster publications, including his romantic relationship with Chan Marshall (Cat Power), who allegedly penned "To Be a Good Woman" in tribute to Callahan while referencing his song "To Be Of Use." It has recently been rumored that Callahan is now involved with drag city labelmate Joanna Newsom. None of this infomation, however, is important to appreciate his music.

Callahan is widely seen as one of the important figures of American rock in the '90s. He currently resides in Austin, TX.

On his 2007 album "Woke on a Whaleheart" he dropped the name Smog and used his real name, Bill Callahan.

1995年的老專輯了,真是年代久遠啊,那時我是個初中生。所以這張專輯感覺好懷舊哦。Bill Callahan的聲音很有磁性也Lo-fi,不知道爲什麽,我想起了Chris Matin或者Thorm York,可能一個時代有一個時代的共同點吧。我對所謂搖滾的歷史並不了解,只願意沉浸在自己的喜好當中,可能會像生活在套子裏一樣有些狹隘。如果有時閒的話,我應該在這方面補一補課了。這張專輯在那個時代評價很高,應該是非常受歡迎的。現在聼上去也還不錯,1995年的音樂做成這樣已經相當不容易了。

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