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[World's End Girlfriend|Hurtbreak Wonderland]悲傷的困獸

Artist:World's End Girlfriend
Album:Hurtbreak Wonderland
Release Date:2007-03-23
Label:Human Highway
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Glitch, Modern Classical, Post Rock, Experimental


Wandering (1:49)
Birthday Resistance (5:23)
100 Years Of Choke (13:22)
Grass Ark (10:14)
Ghost Of A Horse Under The Chandelier (7:56)
The Octuple Personality And Eleven Crows (10:32)
Breath Or Castle Ballad (3:15)
Bless Yourself Bleed (10:32)
Dance For Borderline Miscanthus (4:39)
River Was Filled With Stories (10:13)


World's End Girlfriend (ワールズ・エンド・ガールフレンド) is Katsuhiko Maeda, whose love for music began when he started listening carefully to his father’s collection of classical music, around the age of 10.

Worlds End Girlfriend began making music with tape recorders, piano, and guitar at 12. During his teens and early twenties, he made around 600 tracks in every style imaginable, with every combination of instruments and equipment he could lay his hands on.

He has released tracks on japanese independent labels, Forfull, Young-Z, and Cubic Music. He also contributed to the Pussyfoot compilation album Pussytoon (2000).

Worlds End Girfriend’s reputation began to grow with his first album Ending Story released on Yoshihiro Hanno’s Current label in 2000, which caught people’s attention in Japan and abroad.

WEG released his second album Farewell Kingdom on MIDI Creative’s new label, Noble, in early 2002. Farewell Kingdom is licensed to Third Ear for the world outside Japan.

WEG’s remix work includes Com.A’s remix project We Are The Pervert (2002), remixes of Com.A’s Dream & Hope album on Notekrec (2001). He also has a remix on the forthcoming Syth;s single ‘Hanabi’ on Third Ear.

Performances at Sonar 2002 in Barcelona as part of the Third Ear SonarLab, and at SonarSound Tokyo in October 2002, led to enquiries from all over the world.Piana is featured in farewell kingdom.

這是一張佈滿夢幻感的專輯,擁有著夢幻的曲名,從第一首《流浪》開始,破碎的音符仿佛渾然天成,自然流淌的感情將人帶入一個童話般的夢境。World's end girlfriend清晰明瞭的post-rock,毫不不张扬,但卻明白的凸現出不同尋常的個性。如同童謠詩人一般充滿幻想,卻又帶有淡淡的憂傷。

Katsuhiko Maeda(aka World's End Girlfriend)從十嵗開始,沉醉於父親的古典音樂收藏,12嵗開始試著用吉他,鋼琴,錄音機作曲,到發行專輯之前,已經積累了六百首以上的曲子。首張專輯「Ending Story」(2000)靜謐、耽美而夢幻,聼起來很有冰島樂隊mum的感覺,而WEG的吉他與弦樂,情感更為濃烈。第二張專輯「Farewell Kingdom」(2001)仍貼近電子音樂, hip hop節奏與拼貼、可愛Nintendo電玩旋律,最大的特色是弦樂與鋼琴。近來,受到加拿大後搖樂隊Godspeed You Black Emperor!影響的成分加深,編制更爲壯麗。

World's End Girlfriend是目前備受矚目的日本新生代音樂家。2000年 他在半野喜弘(賈樟柯《站臺》的配樂者)的厰牌發行首張專輯,後在Noble陸續出版Farewell Kingdom 與 Dream's End Come True,成功融合各類型音樂風格並傳遞出濃烈的悲劇性格與浪漫色彩,從而奠定他在techno、post-rock、avant pop 與electronica樂迷心目中的獨特地位 。2002年WEG首度受邀至巴塞隆納參加全球知名的音樂與多媒體藝術節Sonar。 去年夏天在臺北、香港與澳門三地巡迴則讓華人聽衆初次感受他的峰回路轉、充滿電影感的現場演出。

原音樂器演奏和電子音樂旋律並用的 folktronica,在歐美電子音樂方興未艾之際,來自日本的World's End Girlfriend更是難以忽視的名字,其在電子音樂使用弦樂與吉他的手法,實驗前衛悅耳、充滿情感與幻想,小提琴、大提琴、薩克斯風等樂器時而竄出,突顯著優美的鋼琴與吉它,驚喜、感動,久久難以散去。
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