Saturday, November 24, 2007

[Yuko Ikoma|Esquisse]音樂盒上旋轉著的芭蕾女王

Artist:Yuko Ikoma
Release Date:2007-02-07
Label:Wind Bell
Genre: Electronic
Style: Indie, Ambient


1. shijima
2. waltz op.1
3. moderato
4. kiki
5. small window
6. underwater
7. powdery
8. in the air
9. no color
10. temperature
11. migiwa
12. minamo
13. waltz op.2
14. a little drop
15. more slowly


Yuko Ikoma is an accordion player from acoustic-instrumental duo Mama!milk. She also performs as a solo artist, her debut album Esquisse was relased this Spring (on Wind Bell). Esquisse is the music built of very gentle and mysterious melodies. It´s toy piano, music box, casiotone, recorders... It´s lovely, fresh and pure. Fragile music for fragile hearts.

Mama!milk´s music has been described as Japanese New Exotica or Cinema for Ears. I can add incredibly charming. It´s hard to stop listening to, it´s the right music to open your mind. Mama!milk´s live performances are just they two - Kosuke Shimizu on contrabass and Yuko Ikoma on accordion, the air around, the stage and their audience. When working on recordings, they collaborate with guest musicians. And they are invited as guests by others... In addition they are also producing music for theaters and films... I highly recommend.


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