Wednesday, December 05, 2007

[Anna Järvinen|Jag Fick Feeling]被風吹著走

Artist:Anna Järvinen
Album:Jag Fick Feeling
Release Date:2007-10-03
Genre: Rock


1. Götgatan
2. PS, Tjörn
3. Koltrast
4. Kan du gå
5. Nedgångslåten
6. Leena
7. Svensktalande bättre folk
8. Helsinki
9. Vårmelodi
10. Kom hem

"The wind started blowing, the clouds scattered as if they had been ripped open and now there are stars in the sky. I went for an evening stroll, I looked at the junipers and the low pine trees that crouched down. I had the feeling I was on the right track, the poems are there, waiting, I can sense them in the shadows, there is always that much light. In the day I met some children, they formed a ring around me and pointed at my bandana: “What’s that?" "I'm an Indian." "Mom, mom," the children ran and yelled, "We've seen an Indian!" I read something on a board that said the speed limit on the island is thirty kilometres per hour. I thought about something, don't know what, but during the evening it occupied my mind, I looked for it on my walk just now, now I'm putting it on the balcony, behind the door, like the tea pot so I'll remember to empty and rinse it when I go out. Tomorrow I might be wiser."

ANNA ON ANNA: "Born in Helsinki, at the age of six moved to Täby outside Stockholm due to mother's new marriage, always had a longing back, will not return. Sang and wrote songs in Granada 1998-2004. Granada released three albums and one ep produced by Björn Olsson and Mattias Glavå on record labels Universal, V2 and Look Left Recordings. This record was recorded in the Kungssten industry area in Gothenburg during a rainy summer and cold winter with among others Dungen as musicians and Mattias Glavå as an indisposable producer. Tried to make music I've always loved, melodies I grew up with (the soundtrack to Brideshead Revisited, Carpenters, Elton John's darling seventies' tunes, Vesa Matti Loiri's interpretations of Eino Leino's poetry, Woody Allen movies, Saarikoski.) nature poetry drug-and-alcohol abuse, nostalgia, the Finland of my dreams, falling in love, sorrow, homesickness. I've tried to not be too shy and inhibited. I've made it I think he he" (Anna Järvinen)

Anna Järvinen was(/is?) a singer and songwriter in swedish band Granada. Granada released three albums and an EP (Granada, takes a lot of walking and let that weight slide off your shoulders plus everyone wants to)on universal, v2 and their own label look left recordings.

Currently (january 2007) Anna Järvinen is finishing her solo album, which is called "Jag Fick Feeling" and has been recorded by Mattias Glavå, who among other things produced Håkan Hellström's two first releases and worked a lot with Granada. Musicians on "Jag Fick Feeling" are among others swedish band Dungen. The album is due out this spring (2007).


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