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[Blonde Redhead|23]用盡全力,加速度奔跑

Artist:Blonde Redhead
Release Date:2007-05
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock


23 (5:18)
Dr. Strangeluv (4:47)
The Dress (4:00)
SW (4:35)

French Horn - Morgan King (2)
Spring And By Summer Fall (4:15)
Silently (3:57)

Producer [Very Special Help By] - Mitchell Froom
Publisher (4:01)
Heroine (4:11)

Featuring [Robot Voice Created By] - Chris Coady
Top Ranking (3:27)

Producer [Very Special Help By] - Mitchell Froom
My Impure Hair (4:52)

Blonde Redhead seem to have been around for donkeys years now, but it's only recently that they've really started to make an impression on me. Their last album 'Misery is a Butterfly' was a sensitive and haunting record, showing a refined musical direction from a band who often struggled to get away from comparisons to early Sonic Youth, and '23' takes their progression even further still. I would say this is the band's first pure pop album, and it begins on a high with the title track which sounds suspiciously like classic shoegazer music. When I say classic shoegazer I don't mean it sounds 'a bit like Slowdive' either, this is a track that could have fallen off the back of the lorry carrying master tapes of 'Loveless' to the pressing plant - it's that good. Founder and singer Kazu Makino's vocals sound better than they ever have mixed nice and high and drenched in reverb and simply put this is the music that reminds me why we all fell in love with 4AD in the first place. Gorgeous female whispers, crushing harmonic guitar noise, pummelling percussion... it might not be the most forward-thinking or modern music I've ever heard, but when the songs are this good who's bothered about the finer details? This willingness to travel into pop excess carries through the rest of the album, and although it occasionally threatens to overwhelm the more discerning listeners among us with the faint sound of Dubstar (well I liked 'em okay?) for those most part this is pure shoegazing bliss. I honestly didn't expect the band to pop up with an album of this quality, this sort of unashamed guitar-pop doesn't crop up often enough for my liking, we seem burdened week after week with bands trying desperately to be trendy with their Hoxton haircuts and references to post-punk records they never even heard, so to hear a band like this avoiding any kind of fad or fashion just sounds right. This is good quality, honest pop music and revels in being so - just right for the summer season then I'd say? Party like it's 1993. Recommended.(from boomkat)

Blonde Redhead is an indie rock band. It was formed by Kazu Makino, Maki Takahashi and Milan born Italian twin brothers Simone Pace and Amedeo Pace. They take their name from a song by DNA, a 70s and 80s no-wave band from New York. Blonde Redhead caught the attention of Sonic Youth's drummer, Steve Shelley, who produced their first self titled album in 1993. Shortly afterwards Maki Takahashi left the band and the remaining band members continued as a trio. On their third album, Fake Can Be Just As Good, they were joined by Vern Rumsey of Unwound as a guest bassist. After this they continued without a bass player for the release of the remainder of their albums. On their fourth album, In an Expression of the Inexpressible, Guy Picciotto of Fugazi was hired as producer, as well as contributing to / singing on the song "Futurism vs. Passeism Part 2". Guy Picciotto has produced their latest two records as well, Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons and Misery is a Butterfly.

Blonde Redhead has gradually increased in popularity in the underground music scene. Their early music has been described as emulative of Sonic Youth, but their more recent releases have begun to stray from this generalization. Kazu Makino is noted for her high, eerie voice, which hovers over melodic guitar riffs and rhythmic drum beats.

The large span of time between Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons and Misery is a Butterfly is attributed to Makino's recovery time after being trampled by a horse. Much of Misery Is A Butterfly's imagery and illustration is equestrian or reflective of the accident. In the liner notes, Makino thanks her doctors "and her friends who fed her and cheered her up when she couldn't do much on her own."

很讚的封面,有點手忙腳亂的可愛。Blonde Redhead的第七張唱片23,屬於比較耐聼的一類,開始聼的時候不以爲然,確實是有點吵,呵呵。不過多聼幾遍感覺還是挺可以的。節奏也旋律很爽,快速度。一直以爲這個日裔女歌手是唯一的主唱,原來兩個一模一樣的孿生兄弟(太可怕了,這兩個人長得實在太像了)在唱片中也會獻聲。呵呵。

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