Monday, December 24, 2007

[Eric Malmberg|Verklighet & Beat]窗外的世界很精彩

Artist:Eric Malmberg
Album:Verklighet & Beat
Release Date:2007-09-12
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Prog Rock, Ambient


Min Kompis Anton
Till Minne Av Lilly Lindström
Slutet På En Epok
Leksand, Tidigt Nittiotal
Milda Döden Hämtar Oss Alla Till Slut
Ackordflödet Och Evigheten
Varat Fanns Någonstans I Röran

Eric Malmberg might not be a name on everyone's lips (especially if you've been born and raised anywhere south of Sweden) but this latest from the ex-Sagor & Swing organist, despite a title that makes pronunciation to a non Scandinavian about as easy as humming the Hungarian national anthem, is a real triumph. Some of you might have heard Sagor & Swing before, some might even have caught them live - I was lucky enough to manage the latter and it was an unforgettable experience, pinned together by Malmberg's virtuosity on his trusty Hammond organ. Prog fans will no doubt have heard the name Bo Hansson bandied about a little, and the man who once wrote an album dedicated to Lord of the Rings (how prog is that?! and this was before Peter Jackson had even had a sniff) serves as Malmberg's biggest influence, even popping up on 'Verklighet & Beat' on the synthesizer. So far so Swedish. But this album, easily Malmberg's most assured solo work to date, should see the musician carry his music far beyond the Northern Lights. Okay so maybe I'm not the best person to ask about this, being a Goblin completist and self-confessed Rick Wakeman fan (sorry) I have a rather high tolerance for proggy excess, but this record is a dictat in Hammond-led magnificence from its first, assured chord. The instrumentation is simple - live drums, Hammond organ, guitar, bass and the occasional synthesizer and over ten tracks Malmberg creates an acid-laced, THC haze of tie-dyed, rose tinted gorgeousness, harnessed by each player's clearly outstanding abilities. It's odd because with this unusual burst of interest recently in anything proggy, psychedelic and breaks heavy (thanks in part no doubt to Andy Votel's killer Finders Keepers imprint) Malmberg's music suddenly makes a lot of sense in 2007. He might have been busying himself with the Hammond for many years now but the climate feels right at the moment for him to capture the hearts and minds of crate diggers and a new generation of psychedelic explorers, and I suggest that anyone enamoured by recent rediscovered psych/prog gems from the 70s should check this album without any further delay. I don't want to go into it track by track, because first and foremost (like every great prog album) it needs to be heard in its entiriry, but a special mention needs to go out to the phenomenal and totally bonkers 'Till minne av Lilly Lindström' a track which starts with a clean break, builds into dancefloor abusing Hammond-hammering mayhem and then ends up with lush string orchestrations and disco-lite sweeps. Insane and more enjoyable than you could possibly imagine - an album to totally lose yourself in, and one for anyone looking for something just that little different. Huge recommendation.(from Boomkat)

Eric Malmberg在Häpna發行的第二張solo,第一張Den Gåtfulla Människan發行05年。Eric Malmberg是個有天賦的風琴演奏者,風琴在他的手裏,似乎充滿著魔力,能夠發出閃閃亮亮的璀璨光芒。

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