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[Sophie Solomon|Poison Sweet Madeira]女神與魔鬼,酒館窗外的古老風情

Artist:Sophie Solomon
Album:Poison Sweet Madeira
Release Date:2006-05
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Modern Classical, Downtempo


Holy Devil
Burnt By The Sun

Vocals - Richard Hawley
Poison Sweet Madeira

Producer [Additional] - Sophie Solomon
Vocals - KT Tunstall
Light That Never Dies

Vocals - Ralph Fiennes
I Can Only Ask Why
Meditation On Dvorak's Slavonic Fantasy

Producer - Marius de Vries
Pin Pricks & Gravy Stains

Sophie Solomon's voice is her violin. Whether she's performing with the LSO or playing with her own band, her music is a thrilling combination of technique and passion that refuses to be confined by the conventional parameters of the instrument. Her unique musical vision reaches its full flowering on her self-composed Decca debut solo album Poison Sweet Madeira, an audacious mix of different styles and influences given purpose and unity by her extraordinary violin playing. Poison Sweet Madeira features guest appearances by Richard Hawley, KT Tunstall and Ralph Fiennes. 9 tracks. Decca/Universal. 2006.

Sophie Solomon is a singer-songwriter/violinist born in the United Kingdom, who fuses many different musical influences into her music.

Sophie Solomon began playing the violin at the age of two. At four she met Yehudi Menuhin and was taken to see the great cellist Mstislav Rostropovich. For the first five years she played totally by ear, learning to read music at the age of seven.

Even though the National Children's Orchestra and ProCorda said she was one of the most promising violinists of her generation she gave up the violin at the age of 16 because she "was never completely satisfied by the classical world alone, I felt constrained by the fact that the music was written down and the strict parameters of the repertoire. I felt I had to step outside of that and find my own voice."

She studied History and Russian at Oxford University and while there developed a passion for other kinds of music such as Russian, klezmer, East European and gypsy styles and so spent a year living in the Russian Federation and travelled through much of Eastern Europe, absorbing new sounds and influences along the way. This lead her becoming a founder member of Oi Va Voi who were described as "one of the most exciting bands in Britain today" by the Daily Telegraph. It was with this band that she rediscovered her love for the violin.

Famed for their live appearances and Sophie's on-stage pyrotechnics, the band's debut album ‘Laughter Through Tears’ received rave reviews, was voted in the top 10 albums of 2004 by the New York Times, and won them two nominations in BBC Radio 3's annual awards for world music.

Sophie's collaboration with socalled - Solomon & Socalled's HipHopKhasene - with special guests David Krakauer, Michael Alpert and Frank London, a traditional klezmer wedding hip-hop style received the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik Album of the Year award 2004.

Sophie became increasingly in-demand, lending her violin playing to the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Killing Joke and Theodor Bikel. She has also taught at London's School of Oriental and African Studies and is on the artistic advisory committee of the Genius of the Violin festival, the only such event in the world devoted entirely to the instrument.

In May 2006 Sophie released her debut solo album, entitled "Poison Sweet Maderia" - an eclectic mix of klezmer, folk and pop and featuring the vocal talents of Richard Hawley, Ralph Fiennes and KT Tunstall.

Sophie has appeared and worked with musicians as diverse as Martha Wainwright, Gary Lucas, Bacon & Quarmby, Luke Toms, The Real Tuesday Weld, Nayekhovichi, Brave Old World, Maurice El Medioni, London Symphony Orchestra, Th'Legendary Shackshakers, Hazmat Modine, Avishai Cohen, Yasmin Levy, Ludovico Einaudi, Marius De Vries, Kipper, Temposhark, Jon Thorne, Smadj, Ben Parker - formerly of Ben & Jason, BeshODrom and Jimmy Sims (Jim e sims)

曾經作爲Oi Va Voi成員的Sophie Solomon,發行了自己個人的專輯。這個女人從小受到專業的音樂教育,小提琴演奏的水平非常精湛,我想至少也應該算是半個小提琴演奏家吧。這張唱片真的是很優秀的,而且還找來了ichard Hawley、KT Tunstall和Ralph Fiennes與之合作,悠揚又富有激情,優雅又不失現代,很好地把古典與現代,民族與世界結合在一起。而且我有他們這張專輯的Live演出,在波蘭的一場演出,舞美、聲傚都相當出色,演奏者每個人都很棒,一場視覺與聽覺的盛宴。對那個手風琴演奏者印象也尤爲深刻,因爲他是我印象中第一個把手風琴演奏地那麽優雅、那麽迷人、那麽動人心魄的人。但是直到現在卻還不知道他叫什麽名字。

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