Friday, January 11, 2008

[Toshiya Tsunoda|Ridge Of Undulation]波峰波谷,聲波曲綫

Artist:Toshiya Tsunoda
Album:Ridge Of Undulation
Release Date:2005-12-13
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music
Style: Field Recording, Experimental


Sine Waves Mixed With The Sound Of A Vibrating Surface_1 (5:06)
Seashore, Venice Beach_31 Jul 01 (3:21)
An Aluminum Plate With Low Frequencies_1 (4:25)
Metal Pieces With High Frequencies (8:24)
At Stern, Tokyo Bay_11 Dec 97 (4:01)
Arrival, Kisarazu Bay_11 Dec 97 (5:16)
An Aluminum Plate With Low Frequencies_2 (4:02)
Sine Waves Mixed With The Sound Of A Vibrating Surface_2 (4:16)

“The vibration of a thin metal plate and the huge waves of a vast seashore... similar phases can be observed between them... like wrinkles on clothes remind us of mountain ridges.”

New release from Japanese Toshiya Tsunoda who was the first artist to be released on Häpna in 1999. This household name in the art of fieldrecordings has produced a discography of highly sublime recordings capturing the finest details of sound, and Ridge of Undulation is no exception. This new work is exploring sonic phenomena of very different magnitudes, from roaring waves at sea to experiments with high frequency sine waves and vibrating objects. Piezoceramic sensors were placed on the objects and the vibrations were transmitted in voltage, which can be recorded.

Toshiya Tsunoda is a Yokohama based artist who has studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music. Tsunoda is concerned with the relation between sound space and cognition space and the hidden beauty in the tiniest sonic details. Since 1994, he has been operating the WrK label, which he co-founded with Minoru Sato. He has previously released works on the WrK, Selektion, Lucky Kitchen, Staalplaat and Häpna labels. His work has been shown at the ICC, Tokyo, and the Kawasaki city museum, among others.

時隔六年后,Toshiya Tsunoda(角田俊也)再次在Hapna發片。和之前的The Air Vibration Inside A Hollow差不多,Toshiya Tsunoda像個物理學研究者一樣,依然樂此不疲地進行著他的聲波實驗。物體的振動,波浪的聲響,還有鋁板、金屬片。。。像實驗室中的操作者一樣,探索著各種各樣不同規模的聲波現象。

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