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[World's End Girlfriend|The Lie Lay Land]謊言之城

Artist:World's End Girlfriend
Album:The Lie Lay Land
Release Date:2005-02-25
Label:Midi Creative / Noble
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Glitch, Modern Classical, Post Rock


Phantasmagoria Moth Gate (6:00)
We Are The Massacre (5:45)
Satan Veludo Children (8:39)
Garden In The Ceiling (6:39)
The Owl Of Windward (5:20)
Scorpius Circus (10:17)
Song Cemetery (3:27)
Give Me Shadow,Put On My Crown. (12:02)
Black Hole Bird (14:06)
Unspoiled Monster (6:30)

We have released two albums of a now internationally acclaimed next-generation musician, world's end girlfriend, as the noble's launching artist. With the unprecedented success of his two albums,farewell kingdom and dream's end come true, he bridged genre gaps and was widely praised by the fans of techno, abstract, post-rock, avant pop and electronica. His musical career includes the performance in Sonar 2002, the biggest European festival of progressive music and multimedia arts held in Barcelona, Spain, and the successful tour in Taipei, Hong Kong and Macao in 2004.

He now returns with a band of freaky raw drums, horns, piano and a bass guitar, and tens of layers of guitar noise while retaining his well known style: excessive editing, collage and elegant strings arrangement. In self-produced The Lie Lay Land, his first album in two years, he created another grandeur fiction, 10 tracks, 80 minutes long.Listening to The Lie Lay Land resembles watching the films, say, by Emir Kusturica or Jan Svankmajer who portray a fleeting fantasy ludicrously and poignantly at the same time, or the films of Lars von Trier and Gaspar Noe who always sway our emotions with a relentless and extremely demanding story progression. His music, like those films, shows us a fictional world as a finished work.

The artwork on the cover of The Lie Lay Land, the illustration of a well-known author of picture books, komako sakai, visually portrays world's end girlfriend's vision of the world.(from Nobel)

THE LIE LAY LAND中WEG再次透過聲音編織出一個龐大複雜的音樂景觀,當中不乏強烈作者風格的戲劇性修飾與拼貼,從流麗的管弦編曲、環境錄音到數十支吉他疊製的強大噪音牆──他還親自往返大阪東京兩地指揮室內樂團作現場錄音──在在建構出高度個人的視覺化音樂語言。從艾米爾.庫斯杜力卡(Emir Kusturica)和楊斯凡克梅耶(Jan Svankmajer)式黑色幽默與荒謬;到拉斯馮提爾(Lars Von Trier)和加士伯奈爾(Gaspar Noe)式執拗與即興,WEG那夢境般的音樂場景穿插著激進的自由爵士、弦樂時而優美彷彿天籟,時而淒厲令人毛骨悚然,典型的後搖秋風掃落葉吉他飆奏導入節拍方正的行進,或抑鬱如送葬進行曲或狂亂如夢魘遊樂場的圓舞曲,生鏽的旋轉木馬失控停不下來而闖入遍地清寥的幽寂...... 這次專輯封面特別邀請日本著名繪本作家酒井駒子繪製,可以說將WEG的世界觀以圖像方式傳神表達。(引自節點)
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