Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[Maria Solheim|Will There Be Spring]迎著春風唱歌

Artist:Maria Solheim
Album:Will There Be Spring
Release Date:2007-02-15
Label:Strange Ways Records
Style:Indie Pop

  1. moonlight
  2. Wildest Day
  3. Where Do People Go
  4. All My Thoughts
  5. Ocean Needs Water
  6. Different Seasons
  7. Take My Heart Revisited
  8. Burn The Books
  9. Juice
  10. You - Every Morning
  11. Mountain Song

Maria Solheim is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. She signed her first record deal with the label Kirkelig Kulturverksted in 1999 at the age of 17, and her first album was released two years later. She frequently tours Norway and Germany.

Her discography pr. today:
Will There Be Spring (2006)
Frail (2004)
Behind Closed Doors (2002)
Barefoot (2001)

She is also known for her small feature on the song Paradigms from Extol's album Synergy.

A lot has come to pass since Maria Solheim released her last album, “Frail”, two years ago. Since then, Maria has performed concerts in Great Britain, China, Thailand, Japan, The United States, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, as well as in Scandinavia, including a “royal command” - performance at the christening of princess Ingrid, heiress to the Norwegian throne.

- It was a little…different, indeed, laughs Maria. Usually when I perform, I tend to focus on familiar faces in the audience, and on that occasion the only people I knew where the crown prince and the crown princess. It was quite an experience. A great honour, and a nice memory to look back on later.

Despite her tender age, Maria, who was discovered at fifteen while playing her first ever gig in a small fishing community in the arctic north of Norway, is now established as one of the country’s leading singer/songwriters. So how would she describe the difference between the Maria Solheim of today, and the teenager who made her debut on 2001’s “Barefoot”?

- Experience has given me a sense of self-confidence, which has spurred me to take some chances. By all means, Will There Be Spring is not a “difficult” record, but it pushes the envelope a bit. A little bit more psychedelica, a little bit more madness. The fact that the album was recorded on analog equipment had a big influence on the final result, it has become a simpler and more direct record than it would have been had it been done digitally.


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