Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[Misia|Garras Dos Sentidos]fado,fado,悲傷的女王

Artist:Maria Solheim
Album:Garras Dos Sentidos
Release Date:1998-06-16
Label:Erato Disques

1. Garras dos Sentidos
2. Dança De Mágoas
3. Estátua Falsa
4. Fado Do Retorno I
5. Nenhuma Estrela Caíu
6. Litania
7. Não Me Chamem Pelo Nome
8. Sete Luas
9. Sou De Vidro
10. Fado Do Retorno II
11. Da Vida Quero Os Sinais

Mísia, her gaze hot as blood, round as pearls, salt as the sea... Her glowing, velvet, amber-brown eyes share the strange glow of steel plate heated red-hot. All the knowledge of a woman and all the innocence of a little girl; passion and play, laughter and tears...

Mísia Mísia eludes the words of a biography just as she eludes the prison of a musical genre. She stretches far beyond her place of birth, the frontiers of a country... Mísia was born in Porto, took Barcelona by storm and now lives in Lisbon, although she still has her haunts and hairdressers in Paris, Tokyo and Mexico. She has crossed mountains and laid siege to territories, but has above all created a space-time: her world, a weave of sounds buried in the very depths of her body, real-life words, subdued lighting...

葡萄牙的fado正如法國的chanson,德國的lieder,美國的jazz,阿根廷的tango,巴西的bossa nova,都是最能代表民族性格和地域文化的音樂形式。也許是因爲fado發端於酒館之中,那百轉千回,悲怨纏綿的曲調正像是借酒澆愁的失意人的心聲。

Misia是當今最具代表性的fado藝人,她選用諾貝爾獎得主薩拉馬戈、佩索阿等詩人的作品為歌詞,並融入了多元化的音樂元素,使歷史悠久的fado呈現出嶄新的面貌,1995年的這張Garras Dos Sentidos使Misia紅遍歐洲,並于1998年成功打入美國。

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