Monday, November 26, 2007

[Paavoharju|Yhä Hämärää]赫爾辛基夜鶯傳説

Album:Yhä Hämärää
Release Date:2005-07
Label:Fonal Records
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient


Ikuisuuden Maailma (5:02)
Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Läpi (4:01)
Kuu Lohduttaa Huolestuneita (3:49)
Syvyys (2:51)
Puhuri (3:13)
Ilmaa Virtaa (2:48)
Aamuauringon Tuntuinen (3:57)
Vitivalkoinen (1:39)
Kuljin Kauas (4:02)
On Yhä Hämärää (3:18)
Musta Katu (3:55)

And so it finally arrives on the shores of dear old Blighty. After weeks of whispers and nudges from the most highly esteemed of sources, one of 2005s most talked about albums is with us, and oh goodness has it been worth the wait! Undoubtedly my favourite release of last year (by a long way I might add) this album really does have something for everyone. Created by a band of born-again Christians in rural Finland, sung in Finnish and with a title that translated means ‘Continuously Dark’ (a not-so-subtle reminder of the Finnish seasonal conditions), one may feel daunted by the challenge of such a record. But oh how wrong these preconceptions can be, when hidden inside the beautifully odd packaging is an album of such perfect outsider pop it’s hard to imagine how it arrived on this planet. Flecked with traces of Bollywood soundtracks, folk, polka, 8-bit chiptunes and that all important Finnish psychedelia - this is a near impossible blend of styles which is pulled off in such a way that makes it purely irresistible to the ear. This is the album Ariel Pink wished he could produce, the album that sent Brian Wilson over the edge, the promised collision of worldwide styles that keeps evading every artist as they suddenly qualify for arts funding. It’s easy to point the finger of influence at Paavoharju but impossible to name peers, they are a band which truly stands alone. Maybe it’s due to their location that they have managed to soak up 50 years of pop music and come out with something that sounds so utterly alien. Yet they have been pigeonholed in the burgeoning Finnish free-folk/psych scene and still sound nothing like Islaja, Es, Lau Nau, Kemialliset Ystävät et al. Whatever the cause this is a magical and marvellous achievement, a record which will stay with us for years to come regardless of fad or fashion. As an introduction to the unmissable Fonal catalogue which will be appearing on Boomkat over the coming weeks this just couldn’t be better; so watch out, there’s a hell of a lot more where this came from. Essential purchase. (from boomkat)


這張專輯是Paavoharju在Fonal發行的唯一一張專輯,很有水準。後來又發行了一張EP,名叫Tuote-akatemia / Unien Savonlinna EP,有一部分歌曲實際上是來自于Yhä Hämärää。

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