Monday, December 03, 2007

[Fabrizio Torri|Terra Lucida]墻内的歌舞升平

Artist:Fabrizio Torri
Album:Terra Lucida
Release Date:2007
Label:This Plague of Dreaming
Genre: Rock
1 ambra baltica
2 gizmo
3 l'equilibrio
4 kid eternity
5 mago saverio
6 peg-leg pete
7 swedenborg
8 terra lucida

Fabrizio Torri's first album for This Plague of Dreaming is a strange world of echoes, of memory, and of golden, shifting light. Torri's music is frequently retro in sound, but it has been filtered through the distortion of the intervening decades, rounding its sharp edges and blurring its outline in warmth and dust. This is music to listen to alone, with headphones and closed eyes and the sun on your face.

I love to use despised words, words like "awkward," "clumsy," "ungainly," "insecure," "uncertain"... I believe that, under the skin of the world, there are Realities, Entities, perhaps Inner Organs. And i know that, in the process of looking for them, in the process of becoming conscious of them, i contribute to give them form, to shape them. To shape means to divide. Without this "shaping". i have nothing to handle, nothing to work with. But if i "shape" them too much, then i divide too much, and nothing but dust is what remains. So i have to be insecure, i have to be uncertain, i have to pursue the clumsiness of the saints. -Fabrizio Torri

This Plague of Dreaming是一個網絡厰牌,為聼者提供免費的下載。他們很獨立,也比較地下,所以相關的資料非常少。Fabrizio Torri是個意大利男人,做音樂的同時也畫畫。我只知道這些,所以還是透過音樂,把我的全部注意力集中在這孤獨的音符中吧。這張專輯真的讓我在這冬日的午夜中感受到了一絲孤獨,聲音很輕,很遙遠,很飄渺,就這麽朦朦朧朧的,讓我覺得自己好像是站在某個傳出悠揚樂曲的屋子外面,孤獨地聆聽這別人的心情,恍如隔世,無法靠近。真的是很好聽的,而且Lo-fi地讓我想起曾經的春某人,吉他、連唱腔都似曾相識。。。


PlagueDream said...

Thank you for the link!

I'd just like to point out, though, that Terra Lucida was released by the netlabel This Plague of Dreaming, not Frigida.

歐朵·麥倫 said...

oh,thank you for pointing out.:)
yes,i made a mistake.and i'll correct it at once.