Sunday, December 02, 2007

[Minotaur Shock|Muesli]我無所畏懼的A計劃

Artist:Minotaur Shock
Release Date:2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo


Muesli (Edit)
Beau Nash
With an appellation apparently based on a hugely discredited US psychological shock-therapy (i.e. they put you in a room then stormed in gibbering with a minotaur mask on…), David Edwards has here culled a prime-cut from his recent ‘Maritime’ LP. With a sound that always hints at water-blistered pianos and dusty 1970’s electronics, Minotaur Shock has quite rightly earned a reputation for making (whisper it!) hard boiled Folktronica that straddles the line between Pedro, Four Tet and a Pic’n’Mix of Leaf’s finest. Always more inventive and complex than my memory suggests, the Shock opens with a rejigged version of the album cut ‘Muesli’; here resplendent in clockwork horns, Ferris Wheel melodies and shuffling (autumnal) percussion. A real goer for anyone who found their appetite pricked by Psapp, ‘Muesli’ can actually lay claim to being too short; an accusation not readily leveled at artists these days. Backed up by three new ‘uns, ‘Beau Nash’ is a an alliance of menacing electro, crescendo laced soundscapes and thrumming instrumentation, ‘Marnie’ bellies some time in the company of Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’, whilst ‘Ta’ plumps for a head-on gumbo of 80’s synths and a breakbeat buffet. Muesli; it’s good for you.(from Boomkat)

Minotaur Shock is the nom de plume of David Edwards, a Bristol-based electronica musician. His critically lauded 2005 album Maritime was his first on the 4AD Records record label, having previously released his work on the Manchester based Melodic.He also plays drums in Bronze Age Fox, a band from the Hanham area of Bristol, and has remixed artists such as Bloc Party, Badly Drawn Boy and SFA.


我真的很納悶了,這麽一張封面pp的EP,居然找不到大一些的圖片。4AD這麽大的厰牌,網站做得很讚,卻不提供大一點的圖片,真是夠讓人不爽的了。最近也不知道是心情不好還是怎麽的,開始迷戀節奏,能讓我隨之搖擺的節奏。節奏現在對我來説好像武器裝備一樣,酷酷的搖擺,似乎能讓我無所畏懼目空一切似的。Minotaur Shock的音樂做到了,因爲在他的音樂中我很high。看來曾經迷戀Kid A的人,也應該聼聼Minotaur Shock的音樂。

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