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[Joanna Newsom|Ys]精靈傳説

Artist:Joanna Newsom
Release Date:2006-11-06
Label:Drag City
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental


Emily (12:08)

Vocals [Harmonies] - Emily Newsom
Monkey & Bear (9:29)
Sawdust & Diamonds (9:55)
Only Skin (16:53)

Vocals [Harmonies] - Bill Callahan
Cosmia (7:17)

Although Joanna Newsom's Appalachian-meets-avant-garde take on folk music is her most celebrated work, her range is even more inclusive than her solo career suggests: the classically trained harpist adds a decidedly different, textural sound to Nervous Cop, the noise rock trio that also features Deerhoof's Greg Saunier and Hella's Zach Hill, and she also plays keyboards for the The Pleased, another San Francisco-area band more akin to Blondie or Television than her other projects. Newsom's family and hometown of Nevada City, CA, were both musically rich: her mother trained to be a concert pianist, her father is a guitarist, and her brother and sister play the drums and cello, respectively; meanwhile, the Newsoms also counted composer/pianist Terry Riley as a neighbor, along with Howard Hersh and W. Jay Sydeman.

Joanna Newsom (born January 18, 1982) started taking piano lessons at a very early age and played for a couple of years, but switched to the harp at seven. Her approach to the Celtic harp, from the percussive aspects of her playing to her chord changes, was also influenced by West African and Venezuelan harp music, which she began studying at a folk music camp she attended in her early teens. At the same time, she also listened to more vocal-based folk, punk, and jazz like Karen Dalton, Texas Gladden, Patti Smith, and Billie Holiday. By the time she reached high-school age, Newsom decided she wanted to become a composer, and while that became the focus of her studies, in her free time she began writing and recording instrumental songs. Eventually, Newsom's passion for songwriting won out, and she began studying creative writing to work with words in the same way she was accustomed to working with music.

Despite her extensive musical background, she hadn't sung until she began concentrating on her songs, but her voice — which had a pure, untrained sound somewhere between a child and a crone — was the perfect complement to her music. Newsom recorded some collections of songs that she gave to her friends, but eventually her music made its way to likeminded musicians like Will Oldham and Cat Power, both of whom invited her to play opening slots for their shows in 2002. That year also saw the release of the Walnut Whales EP, which she followed up with more appearances and another EP, Yarn and Glue, in 2003. After signing to drag city, Newsom released her full-length debut, The Milk-Eyed Mender, in spring 2004; later that year, she toured the U.S. with Devendra Banhart and Europe with Smog.

In 2006 she changed direction again, with the release of her new album Ys, which received great critical acclaim and landed Newsom the Number 3 spot on Pitchfork's list of Top Albums of 2006.

這個女孩的歌聲真的很特別,我第一次試聼的時候就決定去找她的專輯來聼了。她的歌聲就像個精靈,很古怪很奇特,也很可愛。更特別的是這個精靈樣的女孩還會彈豎琴,這更增加了Joanna的神秘感,因爲小時候的印象裏豎琴都是希臘女神級的人物才能彈奏的樂器。這個女孩以她的特別,好像現在很紅哦,last.fm上聼她的歌曲的人好多的,關於她的介紹也好多。這張只有5個track的專輯,卻有將近一個小時之長,所以我覺得它像一部音樂劇,而且沒有規律可循的曲調和編曲,使得更令我感覺到自己在聼一部精靈歌劇,五幕的精靈歌劇。單單only skin這一首歌曲就有十七分鐘,歌詞足能寫上3大篇紙,這估計和記住歌劇臺詞也差不多了吧。她在用她的歌曲,用她的歌詞,伴著柔美的豎琴琴聲,為我們講述了一個精靈的傳説,一段森林深處鮮爲人知的故事。

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