Sunday, December 09, 2007


Release Date:2007-07-03
Label:Cassette Vision
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electronic,Folktronica,Ambient


01. louisiana museum
02. echo
03. our times
04. la lluvia amarilla
05. rainy day
06. april #02 -LEMix
07. haru no hidamari
08. rover everything -LEMix
09. happiness

Tanaka Gorou is the one person music maker Lem. Currently living in Fukuoka, Japan he began playing and recording as Lem in 2002 after appearing in a number of guitar and acoustic groups.

He makes and plays acoustic/electronic music with a light, playful air. His first album 'put a lem in your pocket' being released on the Cassette Vission label, while most recently appearing on the 'Galaxie 500 #Fairy' compilation album.

His label compares him to, and may appeal to fans of other electronic/acoustic acts such as Fourtet and Savath & Savalas.

This is the long expected 2nd album. It is soft and comfortable music,and he has good POP sense. The tunes which are united instruments and electronica immpress on listeners fully. Lem's sound is evolving through playing with Rei Harakami,Shugo Tokumaru and other artists.

Lem creates light, elegant, poignant, ethereal, and soulful electronic music. His music is softly cool like the thin water rolling over the wet sand as the wave moves back into the ocean.


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