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Release Date:2005-10-24
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental


Sunrefrain (11:15)
A Spire (11:45)
Sand Dunes (4:42)
Exuma (6:15)
Long Lost Engine (12:26)

On October the 24th the Swedish trio Tape will release their eagerly awaited third album – “Rideau”. The main idea behind this record was to make something that differed from the two previous albums that were recorded by the group members themselves, and also to try to work with another person to push the music in another direction. The choice fell on Marcus Schmickler, German musician and producer and the album was recorded in his studio in Cologne, winter/spring 2004-2005. Another way of working had to be found and the concentrated atmosphere that was established was soon transferred to the recordings. The surroundings of Cologne made for sure an imprint as the previous albums were recorded in rural Sweden. The songs have a more architectural structure this time, a sharper sound, more rhythmical elements and a grandeur that hasn’t shown before.
Tape’s music moves between experimental music and pop without effort and has been recognized internationally for it’s particular sound where electronics blend with all sorts of acoustic and electric instruments.
Tape was formed in 2000 by brothers Andreas and Johan Berthling together with Tomas Hallonsten. Their first recording Opera came out in 2002, the second Milieu in 2003, both released on Häpna. Tape has done shorter tours in Europe, the US and Japan. In August 2005 Staalplaat released a live CD of Tape in their “Mort Aux Vaches” series.
Marcus Schmickler is a musician, producer and composer with a broad range. He makes pop with Pluramon (with Julee Cruise), experimental computer music solo, and composes contemporary music for choir.

為了尋求新的音樂養分,這次Tape決定與德國著名電音創作人Marcus Schmickler合作,還特別到他位於科隆的錄音室工作,從以往有點即興隨性的田園風味過渡至這次結構嚴謹的音形塑造,節奏元素更突出,有一種別於以 往的華美感被發展出來。Rideau對Tape而言是一次成功的音樂突破,呈現一個全新的方向:結構性較強、聲響銳利、節奏元素更為明顯,寬廣而堂皇。(引自節點)

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