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[CocoRosie|Noah's Ark]神愛世人

Album:Noah's Ark
Release Date:2005-09
Label:Touch And Go
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield,Experimental,Indie


Beautiful Boyz

Featuring - Antony
South 2nd
Bear Hides And Buffalo
Tekno Love Song
The Sea Is Calm
Noah's Ark
Brazilian Sun
Honey Or Tar

After hearing Noah's Ark, any concerns about CocoRosie becoming too tasteful or straightforward after the widespread critical acclaim for their debut album, La Maison de Mon Reve, can be put to rest. If anything, the album errs in the opposite direction: alternately rambling and hypnotic, it's much more somber and insular (despite the presence of such kindred spirits as Devendra Banhart and Antony of Antony & the Johnsons) than the duo's subversively angelic-sounding debut. La Maison de Mon Reve certainly had a dark undercurrent that added considerable sting to its sweetness, but it's much more prominent on Noah's Ark; sad, eerie lyrics like "K-Hole"'s "All of the aborted babies will turn into little Bambies" are paired with equally spooky, mournful music instead of the deceptively light tones of the group's first album. There's a lot of power in the album's darkness, particularly on the apocalyptic campfire singalong "Armageddon." However, Noah's Ark occasionally feels too mannered and unfocused, and overly reliant on the sound effects and toy instruments that made their first album so surreally charming: in particular, interludes like "Milk" and "Bear Hides and Buffalo" sound like noise collages missing the key pieces that would hold them together. That said, the album still has many moments of transporting beauty, especially on the songs that feel less cloistered. On "Beautiful Boyz," Antony's gorgeous croon adds a touch of cabaret to the song's tale of star-crossed jailhouse love, and Banhart's Spanish-language mysticism on "Brazilian Sun" advances CocoRosie's dreamy exoticism, giving it a more organic feel than it had on La Maison de Mon Reve. Indeed, the more natural moments on Noah's Ark are often the best: the title track, "South 2nd," and "The Sea Is Calm" all put the focus on the Casady sisters' delicate singing and playing. A disappointment mostly in comparison to the seemingly out-of-nowhere brilliance of La Maison de Mon Reve, Noah's Ark might fail to charm those not already bewitched by that album, but it won't break the spell for devoted fans.(from AMG)

CocoRosie are an American duo that was formed by sisters Sierra (Rosie) and Bianca (Coco) Casady in 2003. Sierra and Bianca Casady are American half-Cherokee sisters. Sierra, the older of the two, was born in Iowa, and Bianca was born in Hawaii. Their mother nicknamed them Rosie and Coco, respectively, from which their musical act takes its name. Stylistically they may be assigned to the indie rock, psych folk genres, and are sometimes associated with the new weird america movement. Sierra plays the guitar, the flute, and leads vocals. Bianca is a percussionist and also beatboxes. The group also uses various objects such as toys to construct their unique sound. They were active for most of 2004, playing dates across the U.S. and making several trips to Europe for tours playing with TV on the Radio, Bright Eyes, Devendra Banhart and others.

另類姐妹花,來自美國,CocoRosie是她們名字的組合。姐妹倆一個低低吟唱,可愛清爽;另一個怪異陰暗,讓我想起Bjork。專輯中請來Antony Hegarty擔任製作,並在beautiful boyz中獻聲,就是bjork的volta中與老約合唱的那位,妖異的男人,聲音很有特點。除此之外,還有Devendra Banhart的參與。有人說這張專輯很陰冷很恐怖,也許他們還聼不太慣這樣另類的聲音,我倒是覺得這張專輯怪異得很單純,天真得很憂傷,就像它的封面,風格純真卻又很複雜。

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