Friday, January 04, 2008

[Kim Hiorthøy|Hopeness EP]希望之歌

Artist:Kim Hiorthøy
Album:Hopeness EP
Release Date:2004
Label:Smalltown Supersound
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo


Mandarinerna (7:16)
Soliga Dagens Släppiga Trosor (5:56)
Alt Måste Bli Anorlunda (3:19)
You Know The Score (11:14)
Ek, Bok, Tistel, Äpple (2:14)

'Hopeness' is Hiorthøy's first all new material since his contribution to the amazing 'Pro Bono Publico' album back in 2002. This five track, thirty minute EP finds Kim flexing his bittersweet muscle with engrossing, lilting melodies recorded with that all encompassing hi-fidelity lo-fi attitude that typified his classic album 'Hei'. 'Mandarinerna' start's off with it's clattering backwards drums, electric piano sounds, childlike voices and optimistic aura - wondrous. 'Soliga Dagens Släppiga Trosor' adds a looping acoustic bassline over freestyle static clicks and pops just like Jan Jelinek's loopy jazz sampling with a broad grin on his mug plus at the end a bugged out drum maniac gets busy rounding out another killer track. 'Alt Mäste Blu Anorlunda' is a mini-gem of melodic ambience before the 11 min 'You Know The Scorfe' drops. Imagine broken beat meeting funky alpine folk and your halfway to describing this track - dope cuts it straight to the chase. Last up is 'Ek, Bok, Tistel, Äpple' a simple gorgeous piano solo, plus the lo-fi'esque recording technique throughout brings to mind the unique stylings of Rhythm & Sound or Vincent Gallo. Come July 2004 we’ll have the second long awaited full length album named 'For The Ladies', here's hoping it's as good as this EP. Spellbinding music.(from boomkat)


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