Friday, January 04, 2008

[Lem|Put A Lem In Your Pocket]夏日的陽光下把他放入口袋

Album:Put A Lem In Your Pocket
Release Date:2005-03-03
Label:Cassette Vision
Genre: Electronic


01. from small lem's space (intro)
02. story of surf for young people
03. loosing summer set
04. pablo's graphic poetry
05. a.m.5 , kate (sweet mix)
06. snow loop slow libid
07. little birds
08. world of painbird

Lem creates light, elegant, poignant, ethereal, and soulful electronic music. His music is softly cool like the thin water rolling over the wet sand as the wave moves back into the ocean. Hailing from Fukuoka (Japan), he was born under the name Goro Tanaka. Although he is not well known outside of his home country, people may discover Lem if they are lucky enough to stumble on someone playing his music. Other fans may have to seek out his work. Lem describes his art as electronic folk music (or “Folktronica”). Like a theme for an enlightening dream, Lem’s music is beautifully subtle and elegantly romantic.

Finderpop / Cassette Vision Label released Lem’s debut EP, “Loosing Summer Set”. The Japanese-based label is home to other unique artists like Apartment, Mountainbook, and Ajisaikippu-de. Independent in both business and spirit, Finderpop / Cassette Vision Label started out releasing CD-Rs. These days, they have a handful of artists, a budding following, and a catalogue of official CDs & DVDs. The label’s growth was fueled by the unique quality of the music.

In 2005, Lem released his first full-length CD titled “Put A Lem In Your Pocket”. The beautifully romantic songs possess hushed vocals and subtle melodies. The album is perfect theme music for Sunday mornings, summer afternoons, or tender encounters deep within the night. Instead of attacking the listener, Lem’s music slowly rolls around the listener like a pleasant aroma. The opening track, “From Small Lem’s Space” includes the album’s thickest drum track (which still may be considered soft to the typical listener). The cool ease of the hip-hop groove makes the song instantly appealing. The inviting intro track also perfectly sets a mood for the LP. “Story Of Surf For Young People” enchants the listeners by using melodies created by graceful vibes and dreamy acoustic guitars. “AM 5 Kate (Sweet Mix)” includes guest female vocals from Babo (from Seisyun Mid Night Runners). One of the several songs that include vocals, the romantic singing is gently dominated by the musical melodies. The light electronic rhythm creates a futuristic new-age atmosphere. The album’s superlative final track, “Put A Jonathan In Your Pocket” is a poignant song which could be played during the ending credits on a romantic film. Through charming melodies and soft rhythms, “Put A Jonathan In Your Pocket” paints an audio scene of a beautiful Summer day. Although the album may take some time to be fully appreciated, the LP possesses a magnificent exquisiteness reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, Enya, Kahmi Karie, Mazzy Star, Opal, Dead Can Dance, and Massive Attack. In the songs that include vocals, many of the words are difficult to discern. Like the music of My Bloody Valentine, Lem’s vocals are woven deep inside, not on top of the instrumentation. “Put A Lem In Your Pocket” by Lem is a beautifully subtle and relaxing album. If you find Lem’s music in your pocket, consider yourself charmed.

每次聼Lem的音樂總是感覺無盡的放鬆,這張不長的專輯Put A Lem In Your Pocket發行于2005年,表現的主題是夏日,夏日的陽光、夏日的海風、夏日的浪花,還有夏日的戀情,愜意得讓人覺得好像在海邊度假一樣享受。

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